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Vampireamp; InnocentBlood is a wizard. He is a member of Hufflepuff.

About Me
Hazel eyes
Blonde hair with black stipes in his hair
One ear pierced with a diamond earing
Vampire. He was bitten when he was five years old. Ashamed at first, then he grew to regard his affliction as a heritage to be proud of. He got his letter to Hogwarts when he was eleven. There, in his third year, he met the girl of his dreams, ScarlettNight, and knew immediately she was the love of his life. But he was too shy to ask her out. But when they graduated, he asked her out. Their love was passionate, and they were married. Soon they adopted daughters: alexia heart, lady ash, (NPC) Lily Luna Shadow, Vivian , Nikolepotter, rayla, AutumnRose, Sara L, tak. He loves them with all his heart along with his wife.
He has taken the name InnocentBlood-Night in honor of his beloved.

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