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Irina is a witch. She is a member of the unsorted masses of Hogwarts students just off the train eagerly crowding around the Sorting Hat.

About Me
Irina came from a rich household on the outskirts of Bercharust, Romania. But her family was not rich by modest means. Oh, no, not even close to that. Eastern Europe at the time was overrun by mafia types, and Irina happened to be born into one of the largest mafia families around. Buscan was a feared name in these parts, but one that also had a significantly large target on their backs.

At the age of ten, in the dead of night, when majority of the
Buscan estate was asleep, they were taken by surprise. Their number one rival, the Dragomirs had infiltrated their land. Taking the lives of the innocents, those that got in their way, and most importantly of all, the head Buscans; Irinas parents.

But, the
Dragomirs had made a large mistake on their part. They had forgotten of the Buscan spawn, their one and only daughter. She managed to get away from the bloodshed, and the gunshots, with only the clothes on her back, and almost none of her belongings.

Irina traveled for days, lacking shelter, and basic necessities. On the brink of death as she arrived in the Shades. Irina hadnt noticed she was being followed mile for mile, the Dragomirs must have planted a tracking device on the girl. That would explain the oddly shaped cut along her wrist... But how had they managed to get her? Irina had never let her guard down.

Nikeia had taken an interest in the girl as soon as she saw the lookalike of her daughter. The woman had taken it upon herself to mar Irinas face. Her knife stabbed the childs neck leaving her fighting for her life once more. The mark would remain forever.

The Locket- A gift given to her by her loving godmother before the family was killed. The charm holds a lot of magical power, only to be used in circumstances of immense danger, it has the power to electrify a target. It holds the powers of creating an electric shock similar to a lightning bolt; rarely used unless she is in grave dang