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Izzy aka Isabelle Wood is a pure-blood witch. She is a member of the unsorted masses of Hogwarts students just off the train eagerly crowding around the Sorting Hat.

About Me

Invisible Isabelle

Isabelle's mother passed away shortly after giving birth to her, and Mr. Wood took the death of his wife poorly. He threw himself into his work, more often than not staying at the office until long after Isabelle had gone to bed, and leaving before she woke in the morning. Left in an empty house with only the Wood house elf for company, Isabelle soon learned how to pass the time on her own. Most days were spent curled up in an armchair in the study, pouring over dusty spell books. Rarely did she ever leave the manor in Godric's Hollow, unsure and afraid of what the world outside might contain. When her magic finally developed, theory turned to practice and by the timeshe started school she was far ahead of most of her classmates. This doesn't lessen her workload, however, as she spends any free hour in the library, drinking in the endless pages of information she finds.

Not wanting to draw attention to herself, Isabelle is a meticulous rule follower. Though friendly with her dormmates and polite to a fault, her relationships extend no further than exchanging pleasant greetings in passing. She has never learned how to interact with her peers and instead prefers to watch, quiet and reserved, from the outskirts of Hogwarts' social circles.

Small for her age, Isabelle reaches a height of just 135 centimeters. She has honey colored hair that hangs just below her shoulders, though she often pulls her locks back to keep them from falling in her eyes while reading. Her stormy blue eyes are just a little too wide for her face, giving her a look of perpetual surprise. Preferring muggle dress, Isabelle can often be seen in a sweater several sizes too large, making her appear even smaller than she is, and a pair of grass-stained jeans. Despite her family's wealth, her scuffed up trainers have many a hole in the toes, evidence of an oblivious and neglectful father.