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Jellybean is a witch living in a pile of jellybeans. She is a member of the unsorted masses of Hogwarts students just off the train eagerly crowding around the Sorting Hat.

About Me
spontaneous, unpredictable, emotional

Some and a bit years of age and a little odd. She has a somewhat obsessive love for jellybeans ("Why yes, that's where my name came from!"), though it's pretty unknown on why. ("It's because they talk to me! They tell me their secrets....") Her self declared best friend is a... nothing named Nothing, age unknown and gender unknown, who generally helps Jellybean calm down or gives her advice. ...Well, nobody really knows how exactly that communication takes place, but it works in everybody's favor so let's simply leave it at that. Plus, it seems to be quite the logical gentleman... or lady.
It's hard to tell whether she acts the way she does for the heck of it, or if it's actually just how she acts... but the scary times are the ones where she's actually serious. Every once in a while her eyes lose their usual amusement and her voicebox slacks off and all this occurs as suddenly as her other antics do....
Jellybean's emotions are delivered in extremes. When she's mad, she's REALLY rip-your-throat-out mad. When she's upset, it's that "cry a river" sort of upset. She's pretty moodswing-y, so keep the "after a storm comes a rainbow" outlook.
She had always been the eccentric child growing up, and as her years increased, so did this eccentric-ness. Her parents actually quite loved her colorful personality, but their overprotective attitude towards their only child alienated her from society for most of her life. Well, she turned out to be quite a natural social butterfly, but just not quite the most logical when it came to situations of what's appropriate to say and when....
In her early teens she was unofficially adopted as the stepsister of a good friend (MichelleWeasley). It was less of an adoption but rather more like a game of "house" taken too far, but the wording isn't too important anyway! A few years and an invitation later, we're here in the present.

But anyways, Jellybean wants jellybeans.