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Maestro jesse aka The Tajaran Chibi Demon Lord is a part-veela wizard. He wields a 13½" Rosewood, Phoenix Feather wand, and is a member of Gryffindor. His favorite Harry Potter book is Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and his .

About Me
Necromancer: 2015-21-04
I'm in it for the friends and ROLEPLAY. Not for the titles
not Much is known for now about Jesse.
But soon It shall be revealed
The History.. Of the Boy with the metal arm
But.. what a Terrible Story That is...

He has ice blue eyes and brown hair normally..
He's haunted and possessed. Cared for by the torturer and the broken.
mom: hazelgraceprior
God mother: princess kitten/Bellatrixparker
Beautiful Wife: SparksQueen
Beautiful Daughter- UnderTheCoralSea
Beautiful Daughter- Arabelle
Step mother- Demon Queen

Too much other family to list,
Bestie and doctor who companion: Kate!
> Macaron jesse drunkenly despairs, "*hic*Why"
> Firstyearboy JaseBlack walks over to huntress and holds out his hand "Are you always this beautiful?"
> Macaron jesse drunkenly despairs, "*hic*..."
> Macaron jesse falls over cackling
> Maestro Huntress stares at the firstie
> Macaron jesse cackiling* or whatever
> Macaron jesse drunkenly despairs, "OO-oh my God that wwas priceeelless"
> Maestro Huntress despairs, "Jesse don't tell me you gave the kid alcohol."
> Firstyearboy JaseBlack smirks and let's his hand drop, he was hoping she would shake it

Hi welcome to bourborn house...
Yeah, ''again'', My apologies.
This tequila is on the house,
So please have a drink and calm your nerve first.
They say ''even Buddha gets angry if you keep hitting him''
So I doubt you will forgive me even if i apologize
But when you saw this title,
You must have felt your heace race...
IN a way that can't be expressed with words.
in this brutal world,
i hope you won't forget this kind of feelings.
With that in mind,
I have thought of this title..
Now, Let's hear your order.