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Kairos is a witch. She is a member of the unsorted masses of Hogwarts students just off the train eagerly crowding around the Sorting Hat.

About Me

The Shades.

Steps quiet and voices low, who knows how many pairs of eyes will watch you as you go; serpentine through the jungle of stone, paying respects to those now alone, buried six feet beneath the ground. Fragments of light dance with shadows in a tango, flickering, alternating darkness and bright, allowing the tempo of the atmosphere to rise and fall accordingly, an ever-changing feel being its ultimate gift. Hues of smoky grey and violet, gazed deftly through the eternally lingering opaque mist which caressed the bare skin of their owner's arms and face with lovingly icy, invisible fingers. Searching, but would what was longed for ever be found? Was there care? Compassion? Or merely a smile sufficing to phrase the heartfelt words 'I am glad you are dead.' Even curiosity alone held purpose for the young girl's being where she slowly walked. Her confidence blossomed whether sunshine or rain, day or night. Her chin held high. Kairos; a tangle of dark hair, an ever present star glimmering in violet grey orbs, pale lips, deceiving dimples when a mischievously sweet smile graced her features showing rows of straight white teeth. Slender, average height, poised and precise. But an enigma, for nobody really knew where she came from, her purpose, or what she dreamed while she slept through the night as she entered a world entirely her own. The silhouette ended its movement in the shades' depth, choosing an unmarked stone as the seat upon which she curled, watching, waiting, but mostly watching. Though not a father was present to fear, nor was a mother to shed a sad tear, somewhere was a soul who mourned in sorrow for all the forgotten and the alone who succumbed to the obscurity slowly siphoning away their virtues. Here she sat, left for dead but far from helpless, with a date in her calender already set to dance with the devil upon a marble floor scattered with the petals from red roses, symbolic of pierced hearts and spilled blood.

Aged 10.