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Kamil is a wizard. He is a member of the unsorted masses of Hogwarts students just off the train eagerly crowding around the Sorting Hat.

About Me

Kamil Melanore


15 years old IC.

Slytherin IC.



Kamil had never really been sure of who, or what, he was.

He knew that his name was Kamil- that he had always known, ever since he'd been dropped at the orphanage, small and young and brown eyes brimmed with innocence, his mind foggy and memories barely there.

The only memory he could recall was soft, gentle hands petting his hair, humming a lullaby to him softly, the details beyond that blurred and distorted. He could only assume that they were the hands of the mother he had never known, and never would know.

He grew up in the orphanage, living a humble lifestyle of worn, hand-me-down clothes and a frequently empty stomach, the caretakers warning potential adoptees of his bad attitude and bitter outlook, making most turn away. Those who didn't listen soon turned tail and fled the moment they met him, his innocent looks being spoiled by his nasty attitude and disobedience.

His life of loneliness and not knowing, however, changed the day an owl woke him in the early morning, tapping on his window with a letter. It was then that he learned that he wasn't normal, and was meant for so much more.

He was a wizard. He had magic.

Now, he currently attends Hogwarts. At his sorting, he was placed into the house of manipulators and those with ambition; Slytherin.

Still with a bitter tone and a sharp tongue, he's determined to figure out who he is- who Kamil is, and what the future will have for him as he explores and discovers the Wizarding World.



Cornelius the Ferret
Cocopuff the Scops Owl
Carlos the Brown rat
Cecil the Iguana
Claire the Mongolian Gerbil
Claudius the Great Dane
Charlotte the Tarantula
Charity the Black Cat


Relationship status: Back with Jehan.


IC Info:

Mixed race.
Always wearing gloves.