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Kateo aka Kat is a part-veela witch living in Hogwarts. She wields a 13¼" Rosewood, Unicorn Hair wand, and is a member of the unsorted masses of Hogwarts students just off the train eagerly crowding around the Sorting Hat. Her favorite Harry Potter book is Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and her favorite Harry Potter character is Severus Snape.

About Me
"Born as if you ruled this planet and each being before you, I pity your jealousy." he spoke with burning glory. "Lie like those have before you." With a simple shove Kateo's body fell to earth, landing in the soft grass of a meadow. A lost soul from the heavens above, her jealousy only lead to more horrible things.

"You speak as if you know everything, though the true answer is, fate has rested on her shoulders. Make of her as most do, you leave her heart broken and yours will crumble. Shes not a hero though a Guardian. I can only spare you enough knowledge to understand the danger we face. Anger will come soon in the young girls eyes and from there chaos will shake the great mountains you look upon." the man spoke softly into your ear. Without a moment to turn your swept out the door, the man held his finger on his lips as if to say nothing. The door closes and the blinds shut.

Main Friends:
> Stewart


>Mother: Montie
>Father: San.
Husband: Magneto
Brothers: Stewart >:D

Hurt my friends and family, and don't suspect that you'll get away with it. Magneto is a strong warrior and is able to do many things. He will not fall, nor will I.

Kateo is a tall, red haired girl, her looks represent the half Veela inside. She is a charmer, the soft eyed kind, her eyes a soft gold, with bright glittering wings to match. Kateo is taken by the handsome Magneto. Her love for him is ever strong as she struggles to show it. The heart wrenching story that she will face will direct her path forever. The Queen Of Life will rise among all others to bring the justice that came in unbalance. "Magneto is the only person I trust besides my family. You can say what you want about me, though your judgments are a waste for you and I as well."