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Katya is a pure-blood witch. She is a member of the unsorted masses of Hogwarts students just off the train eagerly crowding around the Sorting Hat.

About Me

Yekaterina Anwen Baines


Katya - a title derived from her given name - was never labeled as the "normal" child of the lot. The fourteen year old girl saw the world as it was - terrible, vile, and ruthless. She didn't bother trying to sugarcoat what she saw from a young age. Her parents' death set her off, changing her forever. She perceived the universe in a much different way than others, seeing things in a peculiar light. Her words were brutally honest, and she usually disregarded the emotions of others - Katya wasn't exactly the most compassionate. Despite her assertive speaking behaviors, she had a tendency to watch people from the shadows, whether it be the corner of a room or the other side of a street. A wary girl from the start, Katya didn't give out her trust like candy.

She has long straight blonde hair with darker roots, and her skin is clear of any freckles or imperfections. Her eyes are a clear light blue-green. She's thin - slightly underweight - and around 5'8. Katya's face is chiseled and structured, and she has petite features.

Katya knows nothing detailed of her biological parents, Lyuba and Emyr. They perished when she was relatively young, perhaps seven or eight years of age. The circumstances revolving around their deaths remain unknown. Her parents each gave her a name; Yekaterina from her mother, and Anwen from her father.
Katya is half Russian and half Welsh, from her mother and father respectively. She speaks both Russian and Welsh fluently.

Lyuba Kasyanova
Emyr Baines
Kira Ali (father)
Jonas Drake (father)
Etcetera Elliott (sister)