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Keela is a witch living in London, England. She is a member of the unsorted masses of Hogwarts students just off the train eagerly crowding around the Sorting Hat.

About Me
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~{Keela Amrhyn Thomas}~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
She was born Amrhyn Xanthias Airbourn. Her father was Indian and her mother a Gypsy. When her and her twin sister, Aieryn, were two, their mother died. Aieryn and Amrhyn were seperated, Aieryn with their father and Amrhyn lost within a neighboring tribe. She became known as Song of the World, her Indian name.

Song of the World was adopted by a good family, one that raised her well. One day, her tribe attacked another and most of her tribe was killed, including her adoptive parents. Song of the World wandered from tribe to tribe after that, before moving to London. Here she was, a young girl all alone. She took to a library, reading every book and sleeping there at night. She rarely left. Save for once. The time that changed her life.

They came for her in the night. Hitting her, beating her, breaking her spirit.

She became an empty shell of a girl, all her fight stolen. Every noise, touch, sudden movement causes her to flinch. She trusts no one, loves no one.

How can a child that has felt so much pain ever love again?

Amrhyn wanders the city alone, hiding in various alleys and parks, trying to stay alive. After her attack, she changed her name to Keela. She was trying to leave behind all that had befallen her. She was no longer Amrhyn, or even Song of the World. She was Keela, a scared orphan girl with no one to love and no where to go.

IC Family
Twin Sister:Klyn
Brother: Kieran

OOC Family

(OOC Personality)
Keela is bright and loving, instantly nice to all around her. She is very childish, having all the qualities of a perfectly happy and adorable child when she is in fact everything but. She has never had a family and has always wanted one. It is the thing she hopes for most in the world, someone to love her.

Nicknames: Leek (Seven) Ukeleela (Kieran) Keels (Twin/Klyn) Kee (Irma) Kibble (Amelie)