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God Kieran aka Kieran Rolands-Roku is a pure-blood wizard. He is a member of Slytherin.

About Me

[Kieran Rolands-Roku]

He was 6 years old, and they were watching the flames lick greedily at the building. The pavement was hot beneath their feet. Klyn had ruined everything, but it wasn't her fault.

[When the days are cold,
And the cards all fold,
And the saints we see
Are all made of

He was 11 years old, and he was sitting alone at the Slytherin table. Another boy dropped into the seat beside him, and ten minutes later, Ianto was teaching him to dance.

[When your dreams all fail,
And the ones we hail
Are the worst of all,
And the
blood's run stale...]

He was 13 years old, and he was racing down the corridors of St. Mungo's, wild-eyed and frantic. Klyn was locked up here somewhere and Ianto had put her there.

[At the curtain's call,
It's the last of all.
When the
lights fade out,
All the
sinners crawl.]

He was 17 years old, and he was looking down at Ianto as he knelt down on one knee. They were in the gardens of Hogsmeade Chapel, and Kieran flung himself at the older boy.

[So they dug your grave,
And the
Will come calling out
At the
mess you've made.]

He was 19 years old, and it had been months since he'd heard from Ianto. Kieran was finding it difficult to even crawl out of bed in the morning, but he was coping. Almost.


Mother : Pandabear
Sisters: Klyn [disowned], Ardarel, EvieLyn, Semira
Lover ~ Boytoy ~ Husband ~ Thing: Ianto
Ultimate Bae & Sleeping Buddy: Araluen
Melancholy Duo: Kiesteria [Kieran & Wisteria]