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KuriousKitten aka Kuri is a 25 year old (DOB: September 27, 1992) witch. She is a member of the unsorted masses of Hogwarts students just off the train eagerly crowding around the Sorting Hat.

About Me
If you see one of my active Role Plays feel free to jump in! If my character may suit your RP don't hesitate to send me an Owl, though Know that I am fairly new to actually trying to RP and I get nervous. .-.

Kuri, a young woman shrouded in darkness. As a young child she had no friends, and still finds it hard to feel close to anyone, thus leading her to dangerous interests. She had always been curious about the dark arts and potion making, despite potions going wrong such as one that horribly backfired, leaving her catlike with a tail, ears and nails that grew thick and sharp.
Growing up, she never feared the DarkLord instead only curious and excited for the day where she would make herself known to him and become a DeathEater.
Being a Hufflepuff, she would get questioning glances of her darker nature, but she was not brave, not even brave enough to prove herself or share her knowledge. So it was the only the only house she was left with, though she may one day cause others to look at the House in a different light.


Mother: Velvet
Father: Batman

Joined: 9/10/15