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Legend aka Seth is a 117 year old (DOB: December 20, 1900) wizard. He is a member of the unsorted masses of Hogwarts students just off the train eagerly crowding around the Sorting Hat.

About Me
Seth was born on a planet that didn't believe in magic or anything of the sort such as the supernatural, they believed only in science. Anyone believing in magic was belittled and looked down on. However, Seth was born with magic, it was always his little secret growing up. Few knew of it, only the people he trusted. Naturally, he grew up to be a scientist. He also grew fascinated with his abilities and decided to study them.

This earned him alot of persecution, and eventually he grew tired of their ignorance. He left that world he journeyed to Earth, where he had experienced the supernatural for the first time, a demon who said "anything living was his toy to play with as he saw fit...". Seth used his magic to defeat him, earning him alot of enemies. He began to grow in skill with his magic the more he studied it, even studying dark magic, any and all he could learn about. He had to know more....he also started studying the supernatural such as demons, vampires, ghosts, anything that's a wonder of the universe.

He once made a theory that earned him great persecution from peers, a theory that stated living beings were actually evolved from demons. Stating demons are not as evolved mentally as living beings, having basic instincts with no control. It was only a theory though, he has many. There are holes because he discovered not all demons were bad.

Seth believes everything can be explained scientifically, including the supernatural and his magic, which he works hard to solve. If Seth confronts a demon tormenting anything he'd often say something like "Don't be jealous because they are more evolved than you....", before attacking.(and out of bio space dangit xD)

Spouse:His lovely, unrivaled beauty, KimberlyMary.

parenthesis means I'm not rping in an rp.
When I rp I may do it slightly ooc to avoid anything that might prohibit progression of the rp.

Nicknames: LegLunch(by VampireJemCalanon)Leggy(PaigeMalfoy)