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Supreme God Legolas aka Greenleaf, Prince of the Woodland Realm is a 118 year old (DOB: March 12, 1900) wizard living in the depths of the forbidden forest or Mirkwood.. He wields a 12" Yew, Phoenix Feather wand, and is a member of Hufflepuff. His favorite Harry Potter book is Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and his favorite Harry Potter character is Remus Lupin.

About Me
Legolas is a Sindarin elf. As he is the son of the Elven king Thranduil of Mirkwood , Legolas is a Prince of the Woodland Realm (Mirkwood), a messenger, and a master bowman. He has keen eyesight, sensitive hearing, and excellent bowmanship.

He is tall as a young tree, lithe, immensely strong, and able swiftly to draw a great war-bow,, endowed with the tremendous vitality of Elvish bodies, so hard and resistant to hurt that he goes only in light shoes over rock or through snow, the most tireless of beings.

Although he lives among them and in their culture, Legolas is not fully of the Silvan Elves . As a son of the Elven-king Thranduil , who had originally come from Doriath , Legolas is at least part Sindarin elf , as his mother's identity is completely unknown. This is complicated by the fact that a small minority of Sindarin elves ruled the predominantly Silvan Woodland Realm of northern Mirkwood , a minority to which Legolas belongs. The Sindarin minority in that realm, who should have been nobler and wiser than the Silvan Elves can be seen as having "gone native" at the end of the First Age After Morgoth was defeated and all of the grand Elf-kingdoms of Beleriand were destroyed, they can be seen as going back to "a simpler time" in their culture..

Like all elves, , Legolas has a great respect and appreciation for nature. He still longs to return to Fangorn Forest once more in order to explore its wonders more thoroughly.

He is kind, and cares greatly for his friends. Due to his age however, he sometimes seems rather patronizing toward the mortals around him.

Legolas famously uses an Elven bow, as well as a long, white dagger, both with lethal precision. He prefers to pierce his enemies from afar, but his daggers are sometimes used for close combat. In Lothlorien , he was given a long-bow of the Galadhrim , which was longer and stouter than those of the fashion of Mirkwood and makes deadly use of it.