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LilithBloom aka Formally Known as Mary Rose, goes by Lilith is a muggle-born witch. She is a member of the unsorted masses of Hogwarts students just off the train eagerly crowding around the Sorting Hat.

About Me
Mary-Rose Bloom
Mary-Rose stuck a knife to her mothers throat.
Mary-Rose shot the gun to her fathers head,
BOOM, went the trigger.
Oh, her poor sister who was only 9 had witnessed it.
Poor Susy-Ann, for a pillow was stuck,
On top of her head.
Arf, arf, the dog had barked,
Mary-Rose hated the wretched thing,
She screamed and set the house ablazed,
Running out,
Murdering her neighbors,
What had happened to the Blooms?
That was what everyone asked,
Oh, Poor Mary rose had disappeared.
Mary Rose, where have you gone?
Mary Rose Bloom,
Lilith Bloom,
Mary had changed her name
As she loved the name Lilith.
Birth name: Mary Rose Bloom
RP age; 16
Species; She became a doll when she was 13, and was turned into a vampire by Brom, at age 16 on 1.31.13, though, she became a different type, as her transformation was not normal. She is currently confused on what she is.
______________________________________________ _ _____________
Lilith Bloom is a peculiar little girl, being insane and all
Diagnosed with insanity at the age of 9, after she almost killed her classmate
Bipolar and a maniac,
Will fight anyone who crosses her
And she is only 16
She can be kind at times
But she is utterly insane,
It is not wise to cross her path,
She will only be kind to those who she deems worthy,
Can easily be obsessed with things or people,
Current obsession(s): Lolman & RosarioBlack
Will you be on her good side,
Or her bad side?

Asher is the only one who can make Lilith act sane!!