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DeadlyEmbrace LilithStorme is a witch. She is a member of Ravenclaw.

About Me
Can't even shout. Can't even cry.

The child stood in an empty street. One street light flickered in the distance, barely illuminating the sole path. The whistling wind echoed around the otherwise silent road. Liilth took a step forward.

The Gentlemen are coming by.

Lilith looked all around her. Everywhere she turned she saw the same man. The Man of No Face but Many. Impossible to describe, he slowly made his way towards her. Lilith turned to run, headed towards the only illumination.

Looking in windows, knocking on doors...

Lilith tried opening every door she passed. Nothing would budge. Slowly the man approached. The wind grew more wild, biting at Lilith's soft flesh, gnawing at her. Lilith turned to a full sprint, her bare feet pounding the black pavement below her.

They need seven, and they might take yours...

The pavement was no longer black. Lilith felt the stickiness of liquid beneath her toes. She looked down and found scarlet pools beneath her feet, slowly rising.

Can't call Mom. Can't say a word.

Lilith felt something cold on her shoulder, digging into her skin. She turned around and saw him, the man of her very nightmares. He leaned in, his dead voice whispering into her ear.

"You're going to die screaming, but you won't be heard."

And with that, Lilith awoke. Her shrieks joined the symphony of terror that lined the dark corners of Knockturn Alley. Every night Lilith will have a nightmare, and every night it would be unique.

Lilith was a child, scared and alone. The only company she had was the dead that was all around her. A child who had no peace, with darkness festering from deep within her.

Lilith was a Nightmare.