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The Unspeakable LilyBluestone aka Lily is a 30 year old (DOB: February 16, 1988) part-veela witch living in Imperium Crystal. She wields a 12" Mahogany, Dragon Heartstring wand, and is a member of Hufflepuff. Her favorite Harry Potter book is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and her favorite Harry Potter character is Harry Potter.

About Me
Traits : Clingy,love to cuddles,flirts,moody,love info and gossip,and a proud gossiper Queen,

About Lily Bluestone :
Eternaly stuck in a young body she love to wander around HL world and collects a lot of information.She never parted with her dragon companion,Shadow and a weird crow who likes to eat cake,Mesy.

Previous Thing :
A bouquet of Blue Lilies (from Dee)

Lily can be found on :HG laps,Cruizy Pocket,Twisty laps.

Pet :ShivaLovegood,Dami,Snow
Head of Bluestone Familly

Nickname : Moonbeam (by Frannie),Lilybear (Frannie again) , Blue ( by Dee), Twin (by LilySnape) , Lil (everyone), Kalyca (By Em) , Dragonite (by Dee again ),Lilo (by Looney),Cissy (by Dolphine),Lilybeth(Aani),Lolly (by Frosty)
Mother : BellatrixParker
Wife : Frosty

Not so Secret Lover : HG,Rosey,Kati
Bestie : DemonQueen,TheDarkKnight,Cruize,LooneyLovegood,Dar kHarry,Katiana,FenceChristian,Rosey

Childrens :13
Daughters : ,Vessilyl,January,to uristcoder,Kitteh,Katlyn,GertrudeWinter (from Dee),Bookworm,LunaLovegoodd,SiriyaBlack,mindstar (from Lindy)
Sons : ,ShivaLovegood,Darkglow,,Adalrich
Grand sons : Eyepatch,Eklavya,Skyrimgramer,Altair
Grandaughter : PhoebeAria,BelaTalbot,zoeyjones,Wanda,Skiyia,Brook lyn,Layla,AmeliaRossier

Cousin : LooneyLovegood,Evalin

Great-grandchids :HarrietPotter,WitchLover,VioletCurtis

Favorite places : HG head (official playgrounds),Her Manor roofs