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LoganKayne is a wizard. He is a member of the unsorted masses of Hogwarts students just off the train eagerly crowding around the Sorting Hat.

About Me

Twenty-Fourth of January.

Eye Colour:
A light, sparkling cerulean blue.

Hair Colour:
A naturally dark brown.

Full Name:
Logan Blake Kayne.

Blake Kayne.

Anastasia Kayne.

Cynthia Kayne.

Family History:

"Psst, Logan?" Cynthia frowned, whispering to her sibling from the upper bunk, "Is it a little... quiet? To you?" Yes. Yes, Cee, it did seem unnaturally silent. "Yes, Cee, it does..." With nothing more than a squeak of bed springs, Logan pushed himself upwards from the lower bunk, taking careful time so as to not collide with the metallic bed frame. "Mum and Dad... Are they o-" The female half of the Kayne twins was silenced by her brother's sweaty hand, to which she spluttered. "Ew, Lo. Ew." Logan rolled his eyes, replying with a simple, "Well, shut up then." Cynthia struggled to hide a scowl, rolling her eyes quietly. They both had eyes the hue of a huge dome. A huge dome named the sky.

Lo... Dad... He did that... He did that..." Cynthia's voice halted, she hated saying the word; Logan spoke it for her, "Rebel," She yelped, palms closing around her pinked ears, "Thing. What if the Capitol hurt him?" Logan swallowed, clutching his sister's hand as they began across the landing. There was a small whimper of sound as they approached their parents room, a literal whimper. "Daddy?" Cynthia whispered, rounding the corner and entering the room. The whimpering ceased, simply to be replaced with an unearthly scream.