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Luminous is a wizard. He is a member of the unsorted masses of Hogwarts students just off the train eagerly crowding around the Sorting Hat.

About Me

A child blessed by light... a war torn country...

"Would you help us stop him?"

A fierce battle. Allies fallen around you. An immortal enemy. Freud's eyes, dark and wearied, his strength spent. Yet there is still determination within. After all, he is the man who has brought you all together.

"It'll have to be... a seal. Please, draw out his full power for me."

Claw like fingers gouging deep into the walls of the glassy prison, a hand surfacing. The horror of seeing that he was breaking free. A whispered resolve. Silently praying goodbye to your friends and charging forwards. Grasping onto darkness personified just to push him back.


Shadows are closing over you. chains wrapping around your body. The weight is dragging you down, down, down...

"Hello, my name is Lania. What's yours?"

Waking up to a changed world. Wondering at your life. Grieving for your friends. A girl. She shows you that there is more than simply sadness. A peaceful life. A normal life. Everything you've ever desired. Until...


Sickening elation. Fire, destruction, and where habitation had been, now only scorch marks. Corpses around you. The scene is so familiar it makes your stomach heave until you're down on your knees and have nothing left. Low, malicious laughter rings softly in the back of your mind.

"This is the price of going against me. The darkness... will consume you."

Luminous is a Light mage of about nineteen years of age, hailing from the Dark Age of Europe - an age which even wizards have forgotten. He has silvery white hair and pale blue eyes, though there are some times where they will be red. He's often dressed in ivory robes decorated with gold, and in special times also has a matching headdress and an adorned staff. He doesn't have much knowledge about the modern world, but he knows what is Right and what is Wrong.

In search of: Nikita, Zari, Zell, NerissaRosier, Araluen, LaceyNoir, Evil