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Supreme Goddess Marie aka Margaret Sophia Ramirez is a pure-blood witch living in Hogwarts. She wields a 11¾" Rosewood, Unicorn Hair wand, and is a member of Ravenclaw.

About Me

Please keep chasing me,
your southern constellations got me so dizzy.
It's cold but you pretend that you are warm with me.
Before I get you home you're nearly frozen,
but I'll never let you freeze without me.

Mummy: Dolphin
Big sister: AmeliaRosier; Brother-in-law: ChrisPotter
Big brother: Jiro
Cousin: Kitteh
(other family slots are still open!)

Bright red hair, just like the intense shade of maroon you see at sunset, you'd spot Marie Sophia Ramirez anywhere. Well, that's if you can see her through the crowd - she is pretty short for her age. About 4'9, she's always been this short, waiting patiently for a growth spurt that would never come.

Marie hasn't always had it easy. Growing up as a Metamorphagus meant being abandoned by her Pureblood parents when she was young; being anything out of the ordinary meant total annihilation. But that also meant learning trust the hard way, and that's what Marie did when she moved from adoptive family to adoptive family. And so she's always a bit cautious when meeting new people, but when you gain her trust, she'll never back down; you can always depend on her to be there for you when you need her. Growing up in that kind of environment taught her to be tough on the outside but a real softie on the inside. But still, she's fiercely loyal when it comes to people she loves.

Because of her background, she's learnt to love animals too - mostly because they're innocent and fiercely loyal, just like her. Sometimes she wishes she can just live as her Animagus (a corgi) for the rest of her life. But while she's in her human firm, she works at the Ministry of Magic's Department of Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures...and is busy stuffing it with cats.

Joined: 4 November 2015
Goddess: 29 November 2015
Supreme Goddess: 19 December 2015