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amp;Coup de Haamp;tch is a half-blood wizard. He wields a 12" Pine, Unicorn Hair wand, and is a member of Ravenclaw. His favorite Harry Potter book is Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and his favorite Harry Potter character is Sanguini.

About Me

XAVI is my official LOVER!

Searching for value happiness hurts
Kelsey what happened to her
Like so many others trapped in the dirt
The passions of curse, we all say we had it the worst
Yeah you had it bad, least you ain't in the back of that hearse
That's when it's done, I reach for the speaker capture your love
We trapped in the slum, look what the manor has done to us
Brothers are undercut become another number
Stop judging us, I got love for everyone of ya
We denied that we can only advance
And those that think they can't are lost in their art
Mind lost in their heart, body lost in their mind
So go back to the start, back to the passion the past
You are not gonna find the man that you are
If you cower in the face of the challenge travel your path
I ain't tryna rap for a car or rap for a yard
Or rap for a b*** that's gonna max out my cards
See me, I rap for the man that hasn't got garms
Infact hasn't got anything that anything you spat in that bar
That's why I spat in your face cause you was flashing your papes
You see my mandem are real and your mandem are Drakes
Straight, in other word fakes
I don't want my old fans to look at me in disgust and discuss about me like
"Why is he always tryna make a number one?" It's a must.
But this ain't changing me, I still have the same beliefs
I can scream free Palestine die for my pride still pray for peace
Still burn the feds for the brutality they've spread over the world
Pakistan's an ocean, bodies in the brown water floating still nobody helps
I have to take a hold of myself cause right now I feel to bang my head against this flipping desk

I do not bite, unless you get on my nerves..

I believe everyone has the right to a view, but if you are gonna sit there and blabber your media drone @%$! hell yes i will disturb your talk.

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