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Mirage is a muggle-born witch. She is a member of the unsorted masses of Hogwarts students just off the train eagerly crowding around the Sorting Hat.

About Me

Full name: Bianca Jane Ashby.

"Who's afraid of the big bad.. shadows, following you both day and night?"

Silhouetted monsters haunted the cradle of a sleeping baby, planting a seed of terror into her heart. It lingers as a mere sapling, awaiting its chance to grow. Or, for its roots to be ripped out.

Trying to conquer a fear of the dark but not yet succeeding, Bianca has developed a very shy, almost paranoid demeanor, especially when night begins to fall. She is slowly learning control over the paralyzing terror, but is not always successful. In the sunlight, although still as introverted, a more fun, bubbly and extremely inquisitive side is seen.

The nickname Mirage was given first jokingly, the way she appeared and disappeared in the most ghostly of manners leading some to wonder if she was a hallucination. But after years it grew upon her, until almost becoming her preferred name. So quiet, so gentle, Bianca is almost a living ghost. Only her chestnut hair and entrancing deep brown eyes keep her from truly fading away.

Mirage has no family, and doesn't even know what happened to them or how long she's been without them. She lives in a muggle orphanage under nobody's close watch.

"It's all tricks and mirrors. Isn't it?"

As she is muggle-born, she was raised with no knowledge of her magical abilities, or even that magic existed outside the pages of the novels she loved to read. She finds the whole idea of being a witch difficult to accept, and will continue to do so even after receiving her Hogwarts acceptance letter. Occasionally she pinches herself, just to see if she'll awaken from her slumber.

"Maybe I don't belong here! Maybe I don't belong in your world, but apparently I'm stuck here now!"

Above all, Mirage is utterly truthful and trustworthy - a trait sometimes taken advantage of-, and will take secrets with her to the grave. She holds many of them already, but none are her own for she has nothing yet to hide.