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ArchMagi Miska is a half-blood witch. She is a member of Ravenclaw.

About Me
"All in favor of stripping Miska Zabre of her wand and casting her out of wizarding society?"

All hands went up. Miska only looked on in silence, a haughty look on her face. As the head went to snap her wand, he turned to the criminal. "Anything you'd like to say?"

A smirk and a nod of her head silenced the whispering chamber. "You can't get rid of me that easily."

"True love is a fairytale."

Brokenhearted, what was a girl to do? Hadn't she left her wealthy family to take on life as a poor woman, all for the sake of love? He'd been so kind, so loving, so faithful. Or so she'd thought.

And then she had gone out that fateful day to buy their food for the week, not knowing her husband was at the local diner with that other woman. He hadn't expected her to stop in and order a pie. She'd seen them and quickly left, not spotted by her husband and his mistress. Oh, but the plan had now formed in her mind for revenge. That night she'd waited for him to come home, feed him, then kill him. And then she'd tracked down the woman, killing her and her family. The woman's pleading words rang in her mind, and still do years later. "Please don't kill me. For the baby."

From there she became a killer for hire, not stopping until the Ministry caught her. But even without her magic, she's dangerous.

And she's not going anywhere.

Adoptive Family:

Mother: Jem Calanon

Father: Creven Calanon

Siblings: Check the parent's bios

Married to Asmodaeus 2015-04-21