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Narissa aka Narissa Leighlyn Tyranea Penrose is a witch. She is a member of the unsorted masses of Hogwarts students just off the train eagerly crowding around the Sorting Hat.

About Me

Narissa Leighlyn Tyranea Penrose

Hybrid. (Half Lycan, half Vampire)

Narissa is a child of two ancient families, going back centuries. Her mother EmmaLeigh is the alpha and leader to the Pack, and her other mother Evelyn is the leader of the Penrose Coven, the oldest family of vampires in existence. Nari was born of an accident, an experimental mixture of potions that made it possible for her to have two biological mothers, with no male input.

Shortly after her birth, and the death of her twin, Narissa was kidnapped and whisked away to an orphanage. There she lived for years before, on the eve of her sixth birthday, her mother Emma found her and brought her home. There she lives now, in the family castle, heir to her mother's Pack.

It became apparent at a young age that Narissa was gifted with an intelligence far beyond her years. At six years old, Narissa has the mind that rivals most adults. Because of this, she doesn't get along well with children her age, as she intimidates them, and tends not to have many friends. Though, despite her lack of friends, she is a very bright and kind and loving child. Very naive, but kind.

The high levels of her intelligence allowed Narissa early access to classes at Hogwarts. Well, that and her family's influence. She attends said classes, an outcast because of her age, and does her best to gain a wide variety of knowledge.

To be continued.