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Fifthyeargirl Noelani aka Noelani is a 19 year old (DOB: June 7, 1998) witch. She wields a 12½" Cedar, Leprechaun Hair wand, and is a member of Gryffindor.

About Me
Noelani- Hawaiian, meaning Heavenly Mist.
I'm called Noel, Lani, or No-ee.

Basics about me, I like fighting, reading books, caring for magical creatures of all kinds, cooking, exploring, and practicing my magic. I have recently taken up studying runes, which is by far one of the more interesting, but difficult things I have done. I am trying to find who I am, where I belong, it's a difficult journey, but it's something I have to do. I am only 5' 3, with blue eyes, and brown hair with red streaks.

Every step forward I take, in finding myself, it's like taking two steps back! It's making me angry, despite my best.

Family: Orphaned

Relationship: Single, and straight

Friend(s): StephanMann (Jerky Best Friend), Nixi

Patronus: Phoenix
Bogart: Obscurus

Hand to hand
Bo Staff
Runic Enchantment
Long Daggers
9 mm
Barrett M99

Joined: 4/10/2017