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Firstyeargirl NymphadoraTonks is a half-blood witch. She is a member of Hufflepuff.

About Me
Nymphadora prefers Tonks or any other nickname anyone can come up with. She's a metamorphmagus.
Father: Ted Tonks (Dead)
Mother: Andromeda Tonks
Adoptive parents(she has three) ScarlettNight (Mum #1), GertrudeWinter(Mum #2) and LillianRose (Mum #3, married to Gertrude)
Grandmother: FaeXylia
Great aunt: ShadowLefaire
Great grandmother: SherrySnape
Nicknames: Nymph(ScarlettNight and GertrudeWinter only), Dory(FaeXylia only), Dora( Wrath)