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Oren is a wizard. He is a member of the unsorted masses of Hogwarts students just off the train eagerly crowding around the Sorting Hat.

About Me
Ugly creatures pass by, one by one, making their way through the mass of other ugly creatures that existed beneath the oddly lit chamber. Their smell, though Oren couldn't tell whether or not it was the fault of the alcohol or just the way these things tended to smell, was overpowering in the worst way. Though he persisted, his bright blue eyes fixed upon a particularly large and seemingly untouched goblet of wine. He reaches for the goblet as he approaches, though he and all others in the large room are interrupted by the Prince's desires. More quickly than he can think to reach for it, the goblet is taken up and offered to the prince by some random favor seeking creature. With a sigh Oren gives up and makes his way towards a deserted table, sitting on top of it and running a hand through his hair out of habit. Oren wore his hair short, and, as if that weren't odd enough for a fey, it was purely white, aside from the small specks of dirt that sometimes found their way into it. His appearance usually brought him much attention from those around him, particularly in the Unseelie court, but tonight it seemed as if the assortment of things were too drunk to notice. Oren tilts his head as his eyes wander to "Prince" Sindri. A scowl tugs lightly at the corners of his lips, displaying his sharp teeth. 'That fey gets all the wine he wants,' Oren thought jealously, 'and he might as well be Seelie. Isn't fair, really.'