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Parfait is a half-blood witch. She wields a 13" Hazel, Phoenix Feather wand, and is a member of the unsorted masses of Hogwarts students just off the train eagerly crowding around the Sorting Hat. Her favorite Harry Potter book is Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and her favorite Harry Potter character is Luna Lovegood.

About Me
Name: Cecilia Marie Parfait
Age:changes with year; 13
Height: Stubby Limpkins. (aka, hella short. No matter the age.)
Eyes: Green. They change in hue.
Hair: Naturally Red.
Skin: Fair.
Uniform: Black skirt; White button-up; Grey sweater vest with Ravenclaw emblem on the right side; Black, knee-high socks
Distinguishing Features: Freckles, Black-rimmed glasses, her small stature.
Body type: Healthy, sort of thin.
Personality: She doesn't take #@%$ from people. She curses a lot and acts really outgoing, but it's just an act. For those people who know her personally, they know she is broken and shattered on the inside. But she will only let those whom she deems fit to see the real her.
Orientation: Undefined.
Gender: Gender-fluid
Nicknames: Parfay (Shay), Arf (Ganfy), Shortcake/Parface (FH), Ceecee (Anehta)

Father: Moose
Sister: Athena