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PolyJuice aka Poly J. Moon is a 117 year old (DOB: March 13, 1900) pure-blood witch living in your imagination. She wields a 10¼" Elder, Thestral Hair wand, and is a member of Hufflepuff. Her favorite Harry Potter book is Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and her favorite Harry Potter character is Nymphadora Tonks.

About Me


So I am not a broken heart.
I am not the weight I lost, miles I ran, or the way I slept on my doorstep under the bare sky in smell of tears and whiskey because my apartment was empty and if I were to be this empty I wanted something solid to sleep on. Like concrete.
I am not this year. I am not your fault.
I am muscles building cells, a little every day, because they broke that day,
but bones are stronger once they heal and I am smiling to the bus driver and replacing my groceries once a week and I am not sitting for hours in the shower anymore.
I am the way a life unfolds and blooms and seasons come and go and I am the way the spring always finds a way to turn even the coldest winter into a field of green and flowers and new life.
I am not your fault.


Possibly the most mediocre witch of her year, Poly J. Moon has lived a rather unremarkable life in terms of magical creations. Her greatest accomplishment was during her term as Head of the Department of International Magical Cooperation where she facilitated collaboration between magical schooling institutions in greater Europe and Northern Africa in hopes of advancing magical education through shared practical knowledge. Poly enjoys gobstones, Dragon Barrel Brandy, and distasteful puns. As a very ancient witch, she's made no plans for her future. Rather, she is quoted as saying she'd prefer to live out her days enjoying her many descendants and "never letting them win at anything they haven't earned a win in" because it builds character.


: Paddy & Olly Moon; Ardarel Feuer-Storms & Hadrian Black
: Neo Dolohov & Loxias Feuer-Black
: Jozlin, Boo, Kalli, Erra, Soul, & Benny
: Apollo, Don, Mariana, Sherry, Verena, & Melon

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