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God Red aka Redius T. Black is a 19 year old (DOB: October 16, 1998) half-blood wizard living in In your closet.. He wields a 14¾" Ash, Hippogriff Talon wand, and is a member of Slytherin. His favorite Harry Potter book is Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and his .

About Me
Screw off or be screwed.

This is literally all the family I got! So since you want to stalk me like some !#@king creep... Here ya go:

My Sissy : PrettyRose
My WIFEY! : Addison
And don't forget my daughters : Mariana & Ivy

That's all the family I care about. Thanks for reading. Now #@%k off and find a taco or something! Speaking of which, I'd totally be down for a Taco Bell visit right now...

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