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ReuseMisiax aka Dangereuse Misanariax is a witch. She is a member of the unsorted masses of Hogwarts students just off the train eagerly crowding around the Sorting Hat.

About Me
~Biography in progress~
~Will only accept adoption for RolePlay purposes(and after much consideration)~
Possible ideas for this character.
Hunter- up for hire, but she enjoys the hunt. Cat and Mouse anyone?

Scratching away at every barrier you've put up in your own mind. It grows and fills every space it possibly can, every time that wall is taken down, you feel it. Weakening you..
The darkness.. It beckons.. Smiling sweetly and crooking it’s finger. The power it gives you, the ideas it puts in your mind in the wake of it’s destruction..The mind is a curious thing. It accepts and forgives, but it also regrets and holds a thirst for retaliation. It can be difficult to choose, and when one is taught only darkness.. The light has to fight for every second of its withering life. Struggling past false ideas that sound so wonderful, that vengeance that lingers always, taunting constantly.
I had no choice in harnessing my darkness. It was tied to me the day I was born. Throughout life, I tried reaching for the light.. So many times.. And every time I was taught a painful lesson.
There is no light.. Only darkness disguised by your own hope.
I killed the man who physically created me, I enjoyed it. Reveling in the adoration my father bestowed upon me after each death. The trinkets, the love, the attention.. The blade.. That I was given for killing my birth father.. It is with me at every moment, This Beloved Blade will be the tool that finally kills my father. The betrayal he left me with, the complete loss of hope I felt the day he took my child and left her lifeless form for me to find in a massacre.. So I returned the favor, leaving his top ranks in pieces, My words written in their blood..
*The darkness calls to me father..*

I am looking for a RolePlay Mentor and any possible friends that would also enjoy an RP, though I prefer open chat over Owls.