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Supreme Goddess RosabelleSykes aka Rosabelle is a 23 year old (DOB: September 16, 1994) muggle-born witch living in Her Family Castle. She wields a 13¾" Rosewood, Phoenix Feather wand, and is a member of Slytherin.

About Me

~ Rosabelle Sykes ~


Rosabelle Sykes was a unique case in the world of magic. She was the first witch in generations of a royal muggle family from France, a virtual time bomb in the drama of a pretentious group of people. She would be the enigma of the family for years to come.


It was an eventful day that her powers first came to show. Rosa had been exploring the family cemetery when she had happened upon the head family's mausoleum. There she found the one person that would not see her as a freak. There was the ghost of her ancestor, the wizard that had brought magic to the family. It was him that first told Rosa of her abilities.


Excited to have learned of her powers, Rosa ran back to the main house to tell her family. They did not believe her and began telling her that she was a horrible child for making up such stories of ghosts and magic. It made her angry, releasing the powers within. The force of her emotions caused her to cast her first curse. Her hunger for control and respect brought around a rough version of the imperio curse. Suddenly her family was under her control. It had only lasted a moment, but it showed her the amount of power that she would someday grow into.

Loving husband of many years: Goldwolf

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