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SleepyAF RoseBlood aka Rose LaClaire is a half-blood witch living in Crystal Cliffs. She wields a 13" Redwood, Dragon Heartstring wand, and is a member of Gryffindor.

About Me
A small elf child appears on a snowy ridge, barefoot and clutching a tattered teddy bear to her chest. Looking across the valley, she shouts Momma! The sound echoes all around her and she shouts again Momma where are you! The sound continued to echo with no response. Sinking to her knees, her torn and disheveled dress barely protecting her blue skin as she cried Momma please come back..She stayed there for hours, perhaps even days or weeks before the two pandas gifted as sentry's to her by her parents returned to her. Finding strength in them, she vowed to seek justice for her family and people, scouring the globe for what remained of the winter elves and providing them everlasting protection on crystal cliffs, now the permanent home of all winter elves. Even looking about her kingdom today, she still grieves for the families lost, yet also rejoices at the strength and unity of her people. As her second in command stands behind her, she murmurs As the trust bestowed on me with my birthright, I shall never see our people shattered again..

All Hail the Queen Of WInter Elves!

Made Goddess- 6/6/2013
Made Supreme- 9/29/2013

Mother- Leanan
Father- Reylan
Grandmother- MarieSparks
God Mummy- Miona
God Father- Xizen
Besties- Eclipse, Annascipio, Katlen,

Petal, Rosey, Rosie, Rosetta Stone R1B1(MEL ONLY!!!) Rose Tylah(ASHLYN ONLY), Cynthia Rose( AISLING ONLY), Lovely (AURORASORA ONLY),Rosalind(Aani)

Its LeviOsa Leanan says, "You are a horrible, soulless thing my child"
"To my lovely, deadly, bat-sh*t crazy daughter. Daddy loves you." - Reylan