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saacchi is a 118 year old (DOB: May 3, 1900) muggle-born witch living in a castle made of priceless jewels, silver and gold. She wields a 12" Holly, Phoenix Feather wand, and is a member of the unsorted masses of Hogwarts students just off the train eagerly crowding around the Sorting Hat. Her favorite Harry Potter book is Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and her favorite Harry Potter character is Hermione Granger.

About Me
I will be gone from 1st to 20th August. So please owl me and I will respond on my return.

I still remember the day, when I too had a very nice family. But I was not content, I wanted adventure, which my family won't allow. So, on one fine morning, I ran away from home into the forest near our house. All along the river I walked, noticing the bears, and the deer, that came there to drink. Over the years, my senses became more tuned to listen on their subtle vibrations and noises. Whilst I spent more and more time with them, I learned how to talk back. Talking back to them, allowed me to call them at any point, any time. Since that event, my life has never been the same... Then a day came when I received a letter to a place called Hogwarts, a school of witchcraft and wizardry. A little later a lady came, who led me to Hogwarts. She then adopted me and took me to her castle, allowing me to bring any one animal from the forest to accompany me. Today, I live with her in her beautiful castle with my favourite animal in the forest, Helena the Badger

I have wings which can change their colour according to my feelings but usually stay a pure white. My animagus is a unicorn with wings and my patronus is a phoenix. I have the power of water in my human form, and in my unicorn form, the power to heal any wound.

My Family (This is NOT my full family)
Mom- BellatrixParker
Dad- Keldric
Sisters- Dolphin, HermioneLuna, HarryGranger, Larrisa, RosabelleSkyes, Arwen, Natasha
Brothers- Crispin, greenthing, Helium, Leviathan
Kids- 9
Daughters- naughtypixie, HermioneFRVR, PenzaAstraea, MiraBelle, DemonQueen
Sons- NasuritoAsumi, danpen, ZeroGravity, Caldur
Nieces- ScarlettQueen, Addy, Clairity, Fuzzbuzz, Foxface, lilletmarcher, Diane
Nephews- Erik, Connor, IgnotusPeverell, Elfin
Aunts- Seven, Shetland, LillyGranger
Uncles- Goldwolf, skartani, Bane
Granddaughters- AanikaMead, JemCarstairs, catthunder, AnnabellaPotter
Best friends ever- HazelGracePrior and HitThat