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Broken Sapphire is a pure-blood witch living in Someplace over the rainbow. She wields a 16" Pink Ivory, Chimaera Scale wand, and is a member of Gryffindor. Her favorite Harry Potter book is Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and her favorite Harry Potter character is Her self.

About Me
Bio for Sapphire
At a young age Sapphire had the ability to control Animals through Blood magic, since she came from a long line of pure blood wizards her gift was externally powerful , her mother had to bind her power until she was ready to attend Hogwarts, at the age for 11 Sapphire had accidentally killed a man as her abilities grew out of control even with her mothers biding spell Sapphire was still dangerous when angered or upset .
Now Attending Hogwarts Sapphire hopes to lead a normalish life she dislikes making new friends however since social interaction makes her feel awkward.

Body Type:- Slender
:Personality:- Sassy
Appearance:- Purple hair pale skin blue eyes..
Pets: Dragon
Parents DawnRinoa aka mother&Felix; aka; Father
Sister: JacquiTheLovely and AanikaMead
Grandmother: FayDurham
Daughter: Makayla
Relationship: I'm not on the market to much drama.
Aunts: EmmiAlmond (Almond nuts)

Word of advice
I have zero tolerance for idiots, I do Roleplay but I don't do one liners
I get bored very easily the world has the right to entertain me
Don't bother me unless I give permission thanks bye

People I tolerate for three seconds

Sapphy-Aanika only

Witch: 01/03/2017

''The flipping end"