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TheRubbishKicker Sherry aka Sherry Lupine-Stone is a 100 year old (DOB: October 25, 1916) pure-blood witch living in Fai's pockets . She wields a 16" Redwood, Chimaera Scale wand, and is a member of Slytherin. Her favorite Harry Potter book is Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and her favorite Harry Potter character is Severus Snape.

About Me

~Bio Under Construction~

Going on a hiatus to focus on my studies, but I will log on occasionally.

Member of the Lupine Moon Coven
Patronus: Wolf
Married to my Partner-in-Crime: Amaranth
Biological Mother: Vyctoria (RIP)
I have two amazing set of parents:
PolyJuice and Juan (Adopted) Step Father: Fluffy & RegulusABlack and Mariana (Unofficial/VE Parents) & Jack and Rose (The parents who kidnapped and adopted me as their unofficial/official Spawn thing)
And amazing grandparents:
Grandmother: SilverRose & CourtniieDurham
Grandpops: Red
Adopted Grandpa: AuroraPheonix
Wolfie Brother: Hikago
Uncle & Aunt: Stav, Sheo, RoseBlood, and Gertie (Check Silver's bio for the rest); Ara, Sunny, Sal, Souly
Siblings: Apollo, Don, Mariana, Verena (Twin), Rain, Watermelon, & Luciel
Children: VanessahStar, FaeXylia, ShadowLefaire, LillianRose, SparksQueen, Addison, Doggo, Timmy, Archie, Romeo, Altair, Oliver, Evalin, Roamsy
Children-in-law: Dante, JemCarstairs, Salazar, Red
Nieces and Nephew: LokiAllBright, Eclipse, Lydia, AeroThorne
The Resses-cup: ClydeReese
Indian Brother: Arvind
My pokemon: Jacqui
Drinking-Buddy: Juan
Gold's official hat
McKoi's Chef's hat
My favorite Hambanero: LaurensHamHam
Owned by Fai
This is a place for all my decendants

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