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skipper aka >=> is a wizard. He wields a 16" Oak, Dragon Heartstring wand, and is a member of the unsorted masses of Hogwarts students just off the train eagerly crowding around the Sorting Hat. His his favorite Harry Potter character is The Raptors.

About Me
Once upon a time there was a young Skipper, a Skipper lost & alone in a very big world. Skipper was never very good with people when he was young. Skipper never had many he could trust, no one to love him for what he was. Over time this forced Skipper to make a shell of armor around himself. Skipper's armor was forged from laughter & smiles. Though under the surface of Skipper's armor was skin worn raw, and rust made from blood & tears

Skipper had learned that the strongest power of control, was not spells. Rather Skipper soon discovered that it was a listening ear. No advice, kind words, or personal thoughts ever seemed to reach the minds of others. So instead Skipper learned to not talk, to not share his wisdom with them. Instead Skipper sat back and listened. Skipper began to hear the hidden words of those around him. Skipper began to hear the whispers of their thoughts & dreams. Skipper could hear the screams behind a smile. Skipper could hear the death in a person's voice. Skipper went to a dark world then, a world beyond this one, yet only a breath away

Skipper had gone to a world within a world. Skipper had gone to a world more Backwards than Wonderland, more Colorful than OZ, more Magical than The Enchanted Forest, even Crazier than Candyland. A strange space Skipper had happened upon one day, Skipping (apparating) from one space to another. Skipper fell into a sliver world, as thick as a space in a rolled scroll, yet as endless as space itself. Skipper found himself trapped in the strange world of Spiceland

Skipper quickly learned that this Spiceland had magic & that a handful of souls could use it freely, Endlessly. Skipper had found a whole world where powers had no limit, a land without rules & regulations. Where the powerful ruled & death was but a rude joke. Skipper Skippped into the world that had shone out from under sleeping eyelids, out from the farthest corners of the human mind. Skipper had skipped into the world of dreams & nightmares