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Sobe is a 27 year old (DOB: July 19, 1990) half-blood wizard. He is a member of the unsorted masses of Hogwarts students just off the train eagerly crowding around the Sorting Hat. His favorite Harry Potter book is Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and his .

About Me
Seer Sobe says, "she turned me into a newt!"
Peanutbuttery mjd says, "A newt?"
Goaty Smurf Fran pokes the chat for Silver
Sorcerer CharlieShadows VE'd without taking a single point of damage?
Seer Sobe says, "...I got better"
Sorcerer CharlieShadows says, "Jeez, haven't done this in a while."
Goddess FervaGreyback says, "She's dressed up like one!"
Check Yes XavieraVeridel says, "You still look like a newt to me >.>"
Peanutbuttery mjd says, "They dressed me up like this!"
VampireCalanon JemHayden says, "o.O"
Seer Sobe says, "I'm a lizard. Totally different thing ma'am :P"
Princess WisestAthena peeks
Seer Sobe waves to Athena
!DeadBunnyFlinger WitchyWoman says, "YER A LIZARD, SOBE!"

B-E-A-utiful! Pandora sticks a sign around Kindreds neck, that reads, "Hated by Simi."

Baron Sobe says, "Mongoose dog?!"
Baron Sobe says, "Court, you = awesome"
Baron Sobe hands Court some tacos XD
The Mad Hatter CourtniieDurham got it from invader zim
Assassin Wolfstein says, "haha..i think i am fine with that:D"
The Mad Hatter CourtniieDurham says, "OH MY GOD SOBE I LOVE YOU XD"
Assassin Wolfstein says, "best of luck with your interview:)"
The Mad Hatter CourtniieDurham says, "Done. ♥ you shall be my twin, and you shall be mine"