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Thomas aka Thomas "Nibs" Smith is a wizard. He is a member of the unsorted masses of Hogwarts students just off the train eagerly crowding around the Sorting Hat.

About Me

Everything was gone.
Simply forgotten.

The lost land: beautiful mermaids and pirates, hooting Indians and annoying faeries. In this land, the sun is always shining, the waters a crystal blue along the coast of an untouched forrest. This place is called Neverland, the second star on the right on 'till morn. In that land there is a group of six, all male. As newborns they fell out of their prams and went unclaimed. A teen with blazing red hair and bright blue eyes stole them from the orphanages and brought him there. He remembers six boys staring at his tiny form. He became Nibs, the bravest and youngest of the Lost Boys.
Then Peter disappeared.
Peter, the leader of the lost boys, had left to bring Wendy Darling back to London and didn't return Slightly and Nibs went to search London, Curly, Tootles and Twin One went to Godric's Hollow, and Twin Two stayed in Neverland to wait. Muggle London brainwashed Nibs. His birth name became his title and his alias was variations. He only used Nibs when running from an officers.
The Lost Boys: Thomas, Alaric, Carter, Peter, Hatter, Damon, Cooper
The Sisterhood: Autumn, Astorr, Celine, Cinque, Edera, Iris, Adaline
"With that reunion, he gained a bit of something that he had lost. He remembered the boys. The pirates. The girl that had chosen to grow up. The island that they called their home. It was all in faint fragments, but enough for Thomas to realize that London was not where he belonged."