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SmittenByCharm Legend aka Justin is a 117 year old (DOB: December 20, 1900) wizard living in the beginning of time. He is a member of Hufflepuff.

About Me
-"There is so much to learn as a human being. So much that I am always in the pursuit of knowledge...knowledge means almost everything to me. I can't bear to live without seeking knowledge, and I can't bear to die knowing I didn't pursue that passion."-

-"NEVER let ANYONE say YOU CAN'T do it. Plan carefully and pursue your ambitions, find out for yourself. Don't be afraid to fail, reach for success. Grow from them both alike. "-

-"Simply put, be yourself and be proud of it."-

-"You brighten my day so much that at night there isn't a nightmare when I dream about you, I guess you're the sun of my day and the moon of my night."-

-"To the prettiest of Roses: You are beautiful on the inside. You are beautiful on the outside. I am lucky I got to know you, my wifey.-

-"I am happy that you are happy. Selflessness makes me happy too. If you feel sad for me, I feel sad too."-

~"To my Jagiya. You get more beautiful every day I wake up to you and with every night that passes. Saranghae, Paris."

-God of all things typo-

Rivals-Nirm(Won't forget you) and Wolfstein (You made me start failing Dx)

Character info: Legend is an ancient human being living in present time. Not much is known about his past. He has adopted many names throughout his time on Earth, however his current alias is Justin. He appears to be in his early to mid twenties, which hides his true age. He has lived longer than he can remember regardless of his appearance. His character is rather polite, intelligent, and encouraging towards others. Legend is very comforting to those around him, offering a refreshing smile and courtesy to welcome feelings of ease. But he has another, more mysterious side to him.