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ValeriusSparks aka 'Valerius Hector Sparks' is a pure-blood wizard living in Diagon Alley, in a small run-down flat. He wields a 15" Chestnut, Hippogriff Talon wand, and is a member of the unsorted masses of Hogwarts students just off the train eagerly crowding around the Sorting Hat. His favorite Harry Potter book is Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and his favorite Harry Potter character is Remus Lupin.

About Me
Young Valerius Hector Sparks, is a pure blooded wizard and not likely to let you forget it, such things are important. Valerius, a Hufflepuff due to the mercy in which he tends to extend the people who would have him suffer, he is a cocktail of a human being. Mercy and kindness mixed with a clearly egotistical and view on the world from the balcony of wealth in which his (Now long and forgotten) parents placed him upon. The way he talks, the way he walks, these things can tell you a lot about him, if you would only care to notice.

At this present day he lives at Hogwarts, venturing out unseen only to explore the world around him, technically against the rules but what does those ever matter at Hogwarts really? Worst case scenario he gets caught and a few points taken away, from Hufflepuff? Valerius does not care for Hufflepuff, only his Kindness and understanding keeps him tethered to the yellow banner, his mercy toward those who he considers 'lesser'.

Family members: None, as of yet. Parents, are long gone.

Magic: Use of a wand, talented more in potions, no other fantasy skills.

Hobbies/Enjoyments: Watching Cricket, potions and poisons, performing experiments using said potions and poisons, money and wealth, being pure blooded Etc :P

Hates/Dislikes: Dullness in a person, people who cannot control themselves, the dead, the brightness of Diagon Alley, the way 'normal wizards' seem to dress.

"Mercy is strength, never to be confused with weakness or lack of vigilance"
This is something Valerius believes to be completely true, a kind nature for someone who really has his personality lodged out of place with this. He is to say the least, evil, easily seen if you watch him for a while, yet a different kind of evil. Asking him would cause him to laugh, say that he believes in the goodness in people, yet his Pure blooded father taught him well and he shall never forget those lessons.