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VictorMendez aka Victor Mendez is a wizard. He is a member of the unsorted masses of Hogwarts students just off the train eagerly crowding around the Sorting Hat.

About Me
Start of police report.
Little is known about Victor. Any who had information seemingly disappeared moments before questioning. Those who know him and are still around refuse to make a statement.

What is known is vague and cryptic.

Height: 6'00"
Hair color: black
Nationality: unknown (possibly Hispanic?)
DOB: July/23/??
Eye color: light brown

He has been suspected for the murders of multiple high end officials but no evidence was found to link him to the crimes.

He was first spotted with multiple most wanted criminals. He spoke with authority and they respected him and obeyed him. This sparked the interest of investigators but the spark was soon put out as they met their end in a fatal car accident.

He was spotted again in a restaurant negotiating with suspected corrupt officials. Once again he had them under his control and he was met with no arguments as they did what he said.

An investigation was started on his background soon after. His information was scattered and seemingly incomprehensible. His father's name was missing and his mother died when he was eleven. He vanished from records until received a doctorate 4 years later. His connection with criminals is unknown but very powerful. Enemies became allies at his command. His goals are unknown and current location as well.
End of report.

My goals are my own. I do what I must by any means. I inherited my connections from my father. My name is both feared and respected in the criminal underworld. However, despite my power and strength I am rarely noticed. Stealth and caution is how I act. Rarely do I act with aggression but when I do, it is precise and swift. Should I lose my self control, few shall survive and even fewer will not be harmed.

But should you become involved with my business, know this, I rarely forget an ally but never forget my friends. I can be your best friend... Or your best enemy.

What do you want to be? Make your choice. Choose wisely. You only get one chance.