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Ultimate God Vytautus aka "background NPC" is a 23 year old (DOB: January 10, 1995) muggle-born wizard living in a perpetual state of intoxication... He wields a 7¼" Redwood, Dragon Heartstring wand, and is a member of Ravenclaw. His favorite Harry Potter book is Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and his favorite Harry Potter character is Sirius Black.

About Me
- Account born in early 2016.
- Befriended a
Phoenix at 70 VE (mid-late 2016).
- reached Good: 10,000 Alignment (28/05/2017)
- reached 150 VE (08/06/2017)
- reached Ultimate God 200 VE (18/07/2017)
- reached 1000 hitpoints! (27/07/2017)
- reached Good: 25,000 Alignment (13/08/2017)

Appearance and Traits?
-Vytautus lost his right (dominant) arm in a past battle and was not able to regrow it back. He had to teach himself to wield his wand with his left hand as best he could. He misses his hand. Was handsome before, now he's handnone...
-Suffers from periodic bouts of amnesia. Will probably forget you unless you show me a grand gesture (send me lots of favor please!!!)
-Has a large scar on his left leg that begins at his shin and runs all the way up to his torso. Got lots of "tattoos" to cover it up
-Black hair (most common hair colour), athletic build but probably not for much longer considering his immense snacking habit.

Other Info:
-Ran into a phoenix when I was young, now forced to act good just to keep it around.
-I'm pretty absent minded and forgetful, but still made it into Ravenclaw just because I asked the sorting hat. There is definitely nothing rong with my intelligence.
(I am in Ravenclaw after all)

Ladies, if you're looking for a husband, owl me. I expect a large dowry payment that reflects my value as an individual.

Edit: Nobody has owled me...