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WeaselStompz aka He Who Cannot Be Tamed or Mallorn/Milo is a 110 year old (DOB: November 4, 1907) muggle-born wizard living in a weasel hut. He is a member of the unsorted masses of Hogwarts students just off the train eagerly crowding around the Sorting Hat. His favorite Harry Potter book is Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and his favorite Harry Potter character is Newt Scammander.

About Me
A small child stands alone in the dark woods that border Hogwarts. He looks about, his eyes wide with fear, as he hears a mighty howl. Werewolves. A small rustling in a bush is enough to make him rip his tiny wooden dagger from its mini sheath. This boy sees a small family of weasels. Only 9 inches tall he is the perfect addition to this bunch of woodland creatures.
An elderly man with half moon spectacles approaches the tiny child and says, "You are small, but you are not weak," and hands the boy a small piece of parchment. A letter to Hogwarts.
WeaselStompz was given his nickname by a few of his human friends because of his past, and his vulnerability to being stomped on. He was also given free and unlimited access to the Forbidden Forest, as he is the only one who knows nearly all of the forest's secrets.

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