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Zac aka Z is a 30 year old (DOB: June 13, 1988) half-blood wizard living in Hogwarts. He wields a 13¾" Mahogany, Unicorn Hair wand, and is a member of the unsorted masses of Hogwarts students just off the train eagerly crowding around the Sorting Hat. His favorite Harry Potter book is Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and his favorite Harry Potter character is Ron.

About Me
Zack Moon
Mum: JemCalanon
Sister: Ophelia;, Saskiya and more...
Grandmother: Jessie
Dad: CrevenCalanon;
Friends: Isabo, Arabelle, and more...
Love intrests: Courtniie
Enemy's: potterhead, DarkShade, Recce and EyePatch
Aunties: The cool and awesome aunty, Emo!! And SkyeDawson is also as cool as Emo.
Aunts that may not be aunts: The nicest (but not as cool as Emo and Skye) aunt is AanikaMead!
Annoying pests: Potterhead

Bio for RP
Zac was born in an orphanage. He is very sensitive so if you shout at him he will go into deep combat! He hated life but when he got adopted by
JemCalanon he was as happier than anyone in the world. He lived a life on the streets once when he ran away from the orphanage. He has a sword and a wand. He is just like any muggle, with no powers. But he is half-blood. On his mum's side. He only has a sword and a wand which helped him go through life. He loves to fight, especially if the enemy fought back. He had a guardian who helped him when he was a baby to survive. Now he's grown older, he has left the guardian to fight by himself. In the castle, Zac read a book. He shouted out a chant. He has powers and he can use them without a wand. The powers are uncontrollable and are activated by emotions: Anger, Sadness, Happiness and Jealousy.

Favourite People
JemCalanon (Mummah) Skye (Aunt. Who is. I repeat IS as cool as my other aunt) Emo (The other cool aunt) Ophelia and Saskiya (sisters) AanikaMead (the aunt that may not be my aunt.)

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