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Hogwarts Students (Page 10: 451-500 of 1740)
AliveLevelNameLocationRaceSexLast On
Yes 10 Domina Dracorum Uzlezz Ottery St. Catchpole Human Female 1285 days
Yes 10 Ultimate Goddess LadyOfTheLake Ottery St. Catchpole Human Female 1332 days
Yes 10 QuotethTheRaven JamesOlivander Ottery St. Catchpole Human Male 122 days
Yes 10 TheRipper GabrielSindar Hogwarts Death Eater Male 6 days
Yes 10 Supreme Goddess AthenaP Diagon Alley Death Eater Female 647 days
Yes 10 Supreme Goddess SaxyRavenclaw Diagon Alley Human Female 2326 days
Yes 10 Supreme Goddess Diaphonie Hogsmeade Death Eater Female 35 days
Yes 10 Bork Bork kiraneko Hogwarts Death Eater Female 157 days
Yes 10 Also known as fish kuribohtamer Hogwarts Human Male 37 days
Yes 10 Supreme God SparrowKane Hogwarts Human Male 1924 days
Yes 10 Iowan Butter Cow WillTreaty Hogwarts Auror Male Today
Yes 10 Supreme God Bowstriker Hogwarts Human Male 814 days
Yes 10 Dark Angel Araziel Hogwarts Death Eaters Female 356 days
Yes 10 Supreme Goddess Tonny Hog's Head Inn Human Female 2047 days
Yes 10 Supreme Goddess Kireihana Hogwarts Human Female 633 days
Yes 10 Goddess YumeBriefs Ottery St. Catchpole Death Eaters Female 1023 days
Yes 10 Goddess TobeyWrath Ottery St. Catchpole Human Female 1846 days
Yes 10 God JamesWatcher Knockturn Alley Human Male 544 days
Yes 10 ALittleBatty Blondini Hogwarts Auror Female 294 days
Yes 10 CandyCorn chaotic Hogsmeade Death Eaters Female 1802 days
Yes 10 Goddess Miona Hogwarts Human Female 255 days
Yes 10 Little Fae Elliot Ottery St. Catchpole Human Male 71 days
Yes 10 Goddess HoneyBear Godrics Hollow Human Female 2105 days
Yes 10 Insidious Decoy Hog's Head Inn Death Eater Male 396 days
Yes 10 God BradleyGranger Hog's Head Inn Auror Male 112 days
Yes 10 Unlucky opaque Knockturn Alley Human Female 458 days
Yes 10 Goddess FeatherWitch Hogwarts Auror Female 741 days
Yes 10 God Vex Ottery St. Catchpole Human Male 534 days
Yes 10 God ravenclawboy Ministry of Magic Auror Male 1024 days
Yes 10 Sweet ScarlettNight Ottery St. Catchpole Auror Female 5 days
Yes 10 God Albus Hogwarts Death Eaters Male 1528 days
Yes 10 God Legolas Hogwarts Auror Male 2 days
Yes 10 Goddess TotalHarryFreak Ministry of Magic Death Eaters Female 247 days
Yes 10 God lormch Hogwarts Human Male 1702 days
Yes 10 God percyjackson Hogwarts Auror Male 11 days
Yes 10 God DeathbringerX Hogsmeade Death Eater Male 101 days
Yes 10 Goddess SerenaLovegood Godrics Hollow Human Female 1598 days
Yes 10 Goddess chelsealol Hogsmeade Human Female 1913 days
Yes 10 Goddess KanadeNight Diagon Alley Death Eater Female 114 days
Yes 10 Goddess Stephanie Hogwarts Human Female 1577 days
Yes 10 God oldskool Hogwarts Human Male 349 days
Yes 10 Goddess Tea Knockturn Alley Human Female 251 days
Yes 10 MasterOf Time Demetrius Ministry of Magic Auror Male 793 days
Yes 10 Seeker of Truth PaulM Hogwarts Auror Male 855 days
Yes 10 Viscountess Carmilla Ottery St. Catchpole Human Female 16 days
Yes 10 Paranoid rawrthedinosaur Hogwarts Human Female 1097 days
Yes 10 Sweet Addiction Addison Hogsmeade Human Female 2 days
Yes 10 Lady LizMuchacha Hogwarts Death Eater Female 279 days
Yes 10 C-137 Merlin Hogwarts Auror Male 4 days
Yes 10 Courage The Cowardly Cobarde Hogsmeade Human Male 127 days
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