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Hogwarts Students (Page 11: 501-550 of 2613)
AliveLevelNameLocationRaceSexLast On
Yes 10 Maestro Dosae Hogwarts Auror Female 655 days
Yes 10 Goddess RenLoveless Hogwarts Human Female 1252 days
Yes 10 Little Fae Elliot Ottery St. Catchpole Human Male 803 days
Yes 10 Goddess London Hogwarts Human Female 439 days
Yes 10 Goddess HoneyBear Godrics Hollow Human Female 2837 days
Yes 10 Insidious Decoy Hog's Head Inn Death Eater Male 1128 days
Yes 10 God BradleyGranger Hog's Head Inn Auror Male 844 days
Yes 10 Unlucky opaque Knockturn Alley Human Male 1189 days
Yes 10 God Jaspercullen Hogwarts Death Eater Male 176 days
Yes 10 Goddess FeatherWitch Hogwarts Auror Female 1472 days
Yes 10 God Vex Ottery St. Catchpole Human Male 1266 days
Yes 10 Goddess Anna Spinners End Death Eater Male 419 days
Yes 10 Goddess KittKattize Ottery St. Catchpole Human Female 2502 days
Yes 10 God Albus Hogwarts Death Eaters Male 65 days
Yes 10 Goddess TotalHarryFreak Diagon Alley Death Eaters Female 272 days
Yes 10 God lormch Hogwarts Human Male 2434 days
Yes 10 God percyjackson Hogwarts Auror Male 587 days
Yes 10 The Book Of DeathbringerX Diagon Alley Death Eater Male 21 days
Yes 10 Ronin GertrudeWinter Godrics Hollow Human Female 19 days
Yes 10 Goddess chelsealol Hogsmeade Human Female 2645 days
Yes 10 Goddess KanadeNight Diagon Alley Death Eater Female 282 days
Yes 10 Goddess Stephanie Hogwarts Human Female 2309 days
Yes 10 Goddess Tea Hogwarts Human Female 620 days
Yes 10 King EnigmaX Hogsmeade Death Eater Male Today
Yes 10 Witch Brooklyn Hogwarts Human Female 147 days
Yes 10 MasterOf Time Demetrius Ministry of Magic Auror Male 1525 days
Yes 10 Seeker of Truth PaulM Hogwarts Auror Male 1587 days
Yes 10 Paranoid rawrthedinosaur Hogwarts Human Female 1829 days
Yes 10 Courage The Cowardly Cobarde Hogsmeade Human Male 417 days
Yes 10 Madam AstarianJewel Hogwarts Human Female 5304 days
Yes 10 Madam ShinyLuna Diagon Alley Auror Female 68 days
Yes 10 Sweetness Of Time KaiteFireMoon Hogsmeade Human Female 1482 days
Yes 10 Sorceress morgan Hogsmeade Human Female 827 days
Yes 10 Shamaness Vahari Hogwarts Auror Female 141 days
Yes 10 Enchantress dumbbelle Hogwarts Auror Female 147 days
Yes 10 KeybladeMaster Solis Ottery St. Catchpole Human Male 2981 days
Yes 10 ConArtist AndyCarlson Hogwarts Auror Male 64 days
Yes 10 Maestro Bralex Ministry of Magic Auror Male 65 days
Yes 10 Psychotic Cal Hogwarts Human Male 2765 days
Yes 10 Barbarian GellertDolohov Ottery St. Catchpole Human Male 1 day
Yes 10 Dead and Gone Jimin Hogwarts Auror Female 501 days
Yes 10 HoloTaco Dia Hogwarts Human Male 238 days
Yes 10 Wizard Yoongi Godrics Hollow Human Male 6 days
Yes 10 Seventhyearboy Taggert Ottery St. Catchpole Human Male 152 days
Yes 10 Ella or Elfdragon Hogwarts Human Female 1264 days
Yes 10 Thirdyearboy Jamoki Ottery St. Catchpole Werewolf Male 29 days
Yes 10 Thirdyearboy Jerick Hogwarts Human Male 1 day
Yes 10 Secondyeargirl Spark Hogwarts Human Female 65 days
Yes 10 Firstyeargirl AquariStark Hogwarts Human Female 17 days
Yes 10 Firstyeargirl Cassadilla Diagon Alley Human Female Today
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