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Hogwarts Students (Page 12: 551-600 of 1680)
AliveLevelNameLocationRaceSexLast On
Yes 9 Maestro dracokage Hogwarts Human Male 2445 days
Yes 9 Maestro Althea Hogwarts Human Female 501 days
Yes 9 Supreme Goddess Kaydekay Ministry of Magic Death Eater Female 1259 days
Yes 9 Supreme God Daiske Hogwarts Human Male 2445 days
Yes 9 Supreme God Damian Knockturn Alley Human Male 854 days
Yes 9 Goddess looneyluna Hogwarts Human Female 1876 days
Yes 9 Goddess starlight Hogwarts Human Female 38 days
Yes 9 God BenJovi Hogsmeade Auror Male 21 days
Yes 9 !Fat Friar Hogwarts Auror Male Today
Yes 9 Goddess London Hogwarts Human Female 101 days
Yes 9 Heir of Fire Victor Hogwarts Auror Male 1 day
Yes 9 Goddess LavaCreamo Hogwarts Human Female 2319 days
Yes 9 Goddess SinisterHeart Hogwarts Death Eater Female Today
Yes 9 Goddess SuYing Hogsmeade Human Female 312 days
Yes 9 God andrewzhujedi Hogwarts Auror Male 234 days
Yes 9 Goddess Sidanna Hogwarts Human Female Today
Yes 9 God DarkHarry Diagon Alley Auror Male 294 days
Yes 9 Lindley Ottery St. Catchpole Death Eater Female 1 day
Yes 9 Goddess Arisquelle Hogwarts Human Female 2217 days
Yes 9 Goddess Reshi Ottery St. Catchpole Human Female 418 days
Yes 9 Goddess RiverSong Knockturn Alley Death Eater Female 977 days
Yes 9 God Meca Hogwarts Human Male 2449 days
Yes 9 Maestro Shale Hog's Head Inn Human Male 1841 days
Yes 9 God XxSpaceJamxX Hogwarts Human Male 2306 days
Yes 9 Finnick Ottery St. Catchpole Human Female 1449 days
Yes 9 Demonic Archangel Diagon Alley Death Eater Male 170 days
Yes 9 EpicFail Regulus Hogwarts Human Male 1255 days
Yes 9 Goddess PurpleAngel Ottery St. Catchpole Human Female 105 days
Yes 9 Marquis JaoMcAlni Diagon Alley Auror Male Today
Yes 9 Duke AlexHamHam Hogwarts Human Male 27 days
Yes 9 Jarl Ornuff Hogsmeade Human Male 1868 days
Yes 9 Elitist Hannahnoel Diagon Alley Human Female 42 days
Yes 9 Championess Alexa Hogsmeade Death Eater Female 462 days
Yes 9 Necromancer JemCarstairs Hogwarts Auror Male 1 day
Yes 9 Clerist dragondreamer Hogwarts Human Female 3 days
Yes 9 Druid Dracodex Ministry of Magic Auror Male 12 days
Yes 9 Empyreal Alcor Hogwarts Death Eater Male 50 days
Yes 9 DarknessintoLight AidenBlack Knockturn Alley Death Eaters Male 1586 days
Yes 9 Barbarian AndrewHades Hogwarts Death Eater Male Today
Yes 9 Green and Gold Ailidtair Hogwarts Death Eaters Male 76 days
Yes 9 DNA Jimin Hogwarts Auror Male 21 days
Yes 9 QuothThe CorvinDrake Hogwarts Human Male 10 days
Yes 9 Fifthyeargirl sofiecc Ottery St. Catchpole Human Female 19 days
Yes 9 Fifthyeargirl Tricster Hogwarts Human Female 16 days
Yes 9 Star-Maiden Astraea Hogwarts Human Female 993 days
Yes 9 Fourthyeargirl millie Hogsmeade Human Female 15 days
Yes 9 Thirdyeargirl PlagueOfCrows Hogsmeade Human Female 11 days
Yes 9 Thirdyearboy RichardDiggory Hog's Head Inn Human Male 1813 days
Yes 9 Alucard Hogwarts Human Male 1650 days
Yes 9 Firstyeargirl Aphrodite Godrics Hollow Human Female 12 days
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