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Hogwarts Students (Page 14: 651-700 of 8726)
AliveLevelNameLocationRaceSexLast On
Yes 8 FlowerGirl Lora Hogwarts Human Female 68 days
Yes 8 Thirdyeargirl Sam Hogsmeade Human Female 77 days
Yes 8 Secondyeargirl Spark Diagon Alley Human Female 8 days
Yes 8 Firstyearboy Tim Hogwarts Human Male 3 days
Yes 7 &Evanescence Rose Hogwarts Human Female 1 day
Yes 7 @House Elf Kilian Hogwarts Death Eater Female 11 days
Yes 7 OBJECTION! Fang Hogsmeade Death Eater Female 761 days
Yes 7 The Unspeakable youwillsufferme Hog's Head Inn Death Eater Male 15 days
Yes 7 Death Deity FredWeasley Ottery St. Catchpole Human Female 46 days
Unconscious 7 The God ShadowRanger Hogwarts Human Male 18 days
Yes 7 The Goddess jenna Ministry of Magic Human Female 707 days
Yes 7 The Goddess Blueflames Diagon Alley Human Male 309 days
Yes 7 Fraulein Bellatrixy Hogwarts Death Eaters Female 562 days
Yes 7 TheCakeIsALie PeevsieLeah Hogwarts Human Female 1557 days
Yes 7 Ultimate God Vicious Hogsmeade Human Male 557 days
Yes 7 Elder Noob Circe Hogwarts Human Female 4 days
Yes 7 Peep DiddyKins Hogwarts Human Male 2270 days
Yes 7 Ultimate Goddess Hermilai Hogsmeade Human Female 2039 days
Yes 7 Ultimate God CarterKane Hogwarts Auror Male 1629 days
Yes 7 Tardis Blue Amelia Hogwarts Death Eater Female 156 days
Yes 7 Empyrean Yuki Hogwarts Human Female 225 days
Yes 7 Temperamental Lorena Hogwarts Werewolf Female 204 days
Yes 7 Supreme Goddess Lara Hog's Head Inn Human Female 2212 days
Yes 7 Supreme Goddess LauraBlack Hogwarts Death Eater Female 700 days
Yes 7 Supreme Goddess CoralSea Number 12 Grimmauld Place Auror Male 722 days
Yes 7 GodKing Fenrir Hogwarts Death Eater Male 2 days
Yes 7 Supreme Goddess Keypachi Hogwarts Human Female 291 days
Yes 7 Lucian Diagon Alley Human Male 883 days
Yes 7 Supreme God Blaine Hogwarts Auror Male 187 days
Yes 7 stewie Hogwarts Human Male 96 days
Yes 7 PoisonSweet Ashika Hogwarts Human Female 910 days
Yes 7 Supreme Goddess Marie Hogwarts Death Eater Male 420 days
Yes 7 PeakyBlinder Boomer Hogwarts Auror Male Today
Yes 7 Supreme God kel Hog's Head Inn Human Male 2906 days
Yes 7 God SiriusPadfoot Ottery St. Catchpole Auror Male 56 days
Yes 7 God HarryPeverell Hogwarts Death Eater Male 1636 days
Yes 7 Goddess Lauren Diagon Alley Human Female 18 days
Yes 7 God maximilianogv Ottery St. Catchpole Human Male 50 days
Yes 7 Goddess elennush Diagon Alley Human Female 979 days
Yes 7 Bloodlust Bryce Hogwarts Human Male 998 days
Yes 7 Goddess LooneyLovegood Hog's Head Inn Human Male 1019 days
Yes 7 Goddess Essence Hogsmeade Death Eater Female 1558 days
Yes 7 Penitent EthlexAmsel Godrics Hollow Human Male 24 days
Yes 7 Goddess LunaShadow Hogwarts Death Eater Female 1193 days
Yes 7 BabaBlackStar Nirm Hogwarts Human Male 386 days
Yes 7 God Raden Ottery St. Catchpole Human Male 107 days
Yes 7 Goddess Bracco Ministry of Magic Auror Female 664 days
Yes 7 Goddess Ataea Ministry of Magic Human Female 699 days
Yes 7 God NeronCaesar Ottery St. Catchpole Human Male 2836 days
Yes 7 Goddess DahliaDevere Spinners End Death Eater Female 674 days
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