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Hogwarts Students (Page 17: 801-850 of 1706)
AliveLevelNameLocationRaceSexLast On
Yes 6 God WarWolf Hogsmeade Death Eaters Male 575 days
Yes 6 Goddess Castiana Diagon Alley Auror Female 1074 days
Yes 6 Goddess MilaFinn Ministry of Magic Human Female 974 days
Yes 6 God EricPotter Hogsmeade Death Eaters Male 805 days
Yes 6 God NevilleLBottom Hogsmeade Death Eaters Male 1908 days
Yes 6 God Elliott Hogsmeade Human Male 2556 days
Yes 6 ThatDamnPenguin forestbRoku Hogwarts Human Male 481 days
Yes 6 Goddess Alice Ministry of Magic Auror Female 292 days
Yes 6 God slyguy Hogwarts Human Male 333 days
Yes 6 Goddess BriarRune Hogwarts Death Eaters Female 1302 days
Yes 6 God Kira Hogwarts Death Eater Male 5 days
Yes 6 Maestro Serpensortia Hogwarts Human Male 2269 days
Yes 6 Goddess Aleksandra Hogwarts Human Female 238 days
Yes 6 Goddess Elysia Hogwarts Human Female 1614 days
Yes 6 God Bomdiggy Hogwarts Human Male 955 days
Yes 6 Queen DelilahBard Ottery St. Catchpole Human Female Today
Yes 6 SomethingAbout Addison Hogsmeade Human Female 8 days
Yes 6 Daddys Brat Lizzy Hogwarts Human Female 40 days
Yes 6 EAST iS UP Merlin Hogwarts Human Male 2 days
Yes 6 Necromantrix smellslikebees Ministry of Magic Auror Female 6 days
Yes 6 IlluminatedEdges Aisling Hogwarts Human Female 939 days
Yes 6 Amazon StarraeSkye Hogwarts (Online) Death Eater Female Today
Yes 6 Over January Hogwarts Human Female 113 days
Yes 6 Wizard Cain Hogsmeade Human Male Today
Yes 6 Fourthyeargirl Melissa Godrics Hollow Human Female 2 days
Yes 6 Firstyearboy HeKilledKyle Ottery St. Catchpole Human Male 26 days
Yes 6 Firstyeargirl LyraBelacqua Hogwarts Human Female 5 days
Unconscious 6 Firstyeargirl NikolePotter Hogwarts Human Female 1 day
Unconscious 6 Firstyeargirl Raqaz Hogwarts Human Female 1 day
Yes 5 FriendorFoe Juan Hogwarts Death Eater Male Today
Yes 5 Tempestuous CelestialSiren Polareia Borealis Human Female 1302 days
Yes 5 Azman Hogwarts Human Male 151 days
Yes 5 The Unspeakable DarkGlow Hogsmeade Human Male 24 days
Yes 5 Mistress Zaida Hog's Head Inn Human Female 65 days
Yes 5 KingofEvil HBPrince Hogwarts Auror Male 105 days
Yes 5 The Goddess EmmaLeigh Ottery St. Catchpole Death Eater Female 134 days
Yes 5 The Goddess Blueflames Diagon Alley Human Female 1 day
Yes 5 Snowflake BellatrixParker Ottery St. Catchpole Auror Female 903 days
Yes 5 Smitten with the Hat IvyShade Ottery St. Catchpole Human Male 1 day
Yes 5 NoFawkesToGive Abigail Hogwarts Auror Female 190 days
Yes 5 god of destruction skylor Hogwarts Auror Male 2 days
Yes 5 The Goddess ElizabethMalfoy Hogwarts Death Eaters Female 1195 days
Yes 5 Paladin Acerbity Hogsmeade Human Female 2735 days
Yes 5 Baka FrancescaBlack Ottery St. Catchpole Human Female 77 days
Yes 5 CrazyCatLady AvrielleRose Hogwarts Death Eater Female 305 days
Yes 5 The Cheshire Dharla Hogwarts Human Female 2163 days
Yes 5 DeadPretty Buffy Hogwarts Human Female 901 days
Yes 5 Cynic Cano Hogsmeade Human Female 14 days
Yes 5 P!NK Daxor Knockturn Alley Death Eater Male 1099 days
Yes 5 LittleMissKIA AlysonGranger Hogwarts Human Female 1158 days
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